'Love' and 'You Are The Light' 60 x 90cm silk banners created for Love: an exhibition curated by Alex Sickling and Josie Sommer bringing together 10 female UK illustrators to interpret the theme of love.

Here's a wee bit about my pieces:
I was once waiting for a train and an elderly woman on the platform started talking to me. She told me that her husband had died, and although she missed him it was okay because she had a kit bag full of memories that kept her warm at night. I wanted my first banner to depict a collection of things, these memories, the objects we hold up like prized museum treasures that create a landscape of our lives and loves. The big joys in small moments. Warm light creeping through the curtains and illuminating the skin on your back. The perfect runny yolk. A permanent talisman to capture a temporary moment. My second piece is a continuation on this theme, distilling our complicated love lives down to their most simple symbols of joy and gratitude.

Photos of work in situ from Colours May Vary