Phantasm at Colours May Vary

16th December 17

I was really excited to be asked to contribute to Phantasm: a group show for Colours May Vary curated by Lord Whitney exploring all things other-wordly.

Here's a little I wrote about my piece:

'For the brief, I began looking in to the protective talisman and objects people look to in everyday life. My design is based on '7 day prayer candles' brightly coloured wax candles in glass jars which feature the most amazing graphics for things like 'money-drawing' 'jinx-removing' 'luck in love' and 'SUCCESS NOW'. Although the graphics on these candles are already amazing I wanted to try and re-create my own with a feel of the grand and decadent old Masonic and religious banners. It really tickled me to think of a corporate environment, at a board meeting or something, the idea of all the suits lighting up their 'better business' candle to clench the next big company deal.'

Featured photo is by Justin Slee