28th February 17

I am super excited to announce my first solo show, happening in March at Common in Manchester! I've been producing posters for Common for the past year and bloody love working with these guys. I'm so happy to be producing work for such an awesome place, and the fact that it is a lived in space providing the public with all the best drinks, eats and hang-outs. I hope my work lives happily amongst it's walls soaking up the wonderful smells and watching over drunken antics.

More info over here : http://www.aplacecalledcommon.co.uk/exhibitions/lucy-sherston-exhibition-opening/

The title comes from this passage by Louise Bourgeois :

'Each day is new, and each drawing, along with the notes on the back, tells me how I'm doing. At this point I have 110 drawings on notebook pages, I'll probably destroy a few of them. I call these journals Tender Compulsions. My journals often reflect an obsession of mine: the idea of being useful.'